Case Update: Ebby Steppach

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We first brought you Ebby's story back in March of 2017. Ebby's mom, Laurie, told us about her frustrating journey to have her daughter's case investigated properly. At the end of our original episode, there was a new team looking into her disappearance. Laurie was hopeful. A little over a year later, there would be a major break in the case when detective Tommy Hudson decided to search areas of the park where Ebby's car had been found. Areas that her family had been told were searched previously. That was when they discovered Ebby's remains just 60 feet from where her car had been found. In this update, Laurie is joining us again to discuss how Ebby was found and where her case stands today.

If you have any information about the disappearance and murder of Ebby Steppach, please call the Little Rock Police Department at (501) 404-3128.

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