Episode #89 - Facing Our Demons (The Shadow Self) Part 1

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In this episode I tackle the topic of the Shadow Self. This concept was introduced early in Psychotherapy history by Carl Jung. The Shadow Self is the part of us we want to hide from the world. For some it is our dark side, others it may be a hurt or trauma they have experienced, it can also be a feeling of unworthiness or less than, or evan a behavior. According to Jung, "there could be no light without shadow, no psychic wholeness without imperfection." The Shadow is everything which one has no wish to be, therefor we must confront it! The acceptance and integration of our shadow is very healing work. The topic for this episode came from the new movie on Netflix, with Jonah Hill and his therapist Stutz. In the movie they discuss the shadow self of Jonah Hill and record an exercise with him doing Shadow work. In the episode, I get vulnerable and reveal what came out for me when I replicated the exercise with myself. Steps for the exercise: 1. Identify a part of yourself or a time when you felt inferior, hurt, ashamed, inadequate, etc. 2. Think of the former version of you and invite it to have a conversation. 3. Begin a dialogue with it - try to understand the Shadow and what it needs from you. Validate the shadow 5. Integrate it: go back through that event and see yourself going through it in the way you would like... Journal your thoughts. You can follow me on Instagram @thevegastherapist or visit my website www.ryanwynder.com My 14 Day Marriage Challenge is available at www.14daybettermarriagechallenge.com/home

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