Guest: Tiarra Wilke, Owner of Groundbreaking Financial

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From Tiarra Wilke:
"Hi, I am Tiarra and I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, a colleague, a business owner, a student - really a lot of things - but the most important hat that I wear is being a mom!

I have two children, a 7-year old son and a 3-year old daughter (more like 3 going on 21) and let's just say they are polar opposites, but they absolutely balance each other out.

Aside from being a mother, I am also a National Board Certified Credit Consultant and the Owner + Operator of Groundbreaking Financial. Groundbreaking Financial is a credit coaching and consulting company that aspires to equip individuals with the fundamental knowledge to restore credit and build financial literacy that can be utilized when making small or large financial decisions. Let's face it, In grade school, we are not taught how to manage money or how to effectively use credit. Groundbreaking Financial exists to be the teacher, the good credit angel, for anyone, at any age, that shines the light on the path to a great future. We help bridge the financial literacy gap by working 1:1 with our clients to build their financial vocabulary and literacy, create individualized strategies to restore credit, and share tools and expertise on how to continue to improve their credit score. After all, a person’s credit score will follow them from the time they use their first credit card, to the day they make their last mortgage payment, to after retirement when their toes are in the sand on that island they always dreamt about.

My passion for helping individuals understand how credit works and how to utilize it properly runs very deep. One of the best feelings is getting credit updates from current and previous clients. At Groundbreaking Financial, we have made it our mission to continue creating awareness around the importance of good credit while providing them with the proper tools and resources to leverage it as well."

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