GUEST: Tor White, Author, Mental Health Activist, and Owner of Tor White LLC

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Tor was born and raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, NC. Tor has overcome many obstacles in her life including being raised in low income housing and a single parent home. She knew at a young age that she could not allow her circumstances to determine her future. Tor’s experience with adversity led her on a path to discuss issues surrounding mental health awareness in the black community.
While Tor seemingly “has it all together” on the surface, she has battled mental illness privately. Being fearful of her family’s reaction and opinions, she has always kept her struggle with anxiety and depression hidden, until now. After experiencing, firsthand, what it was like to battle depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation alone she has made it her life’s mission to normalize the conversation surrounding mental health and empower others to use their voice to tell their story.
In her publication, The Art of Being Self-ish, Tor hopes to help individuals like her become unstuck by teaching how to rediscover, understand, and accept who you are in order to live in your truth. No longer will “self” be defined by others.
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