Bonnie "Queen B" Mann 3 x World Champ and USMC Hall of Famer

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Today's episode, I talk with Bonnie "Queen B" Mann former boxing world champion and USMC Hall Boxing Hall of Fame inductee. A little over 10 years ago, I found myself separated from my military family and desperately seeking a group with the same level of connection I had experienced with my peers in the service. I found a new family in a small gym outside Raleigh, NC within a group of local boxers, MMA fighters, and Jui Jitsu fighters. Among them was Bonnie Mann. I have been wanting to get her on the show for some time and we finally got the chance to reconnect. We discuss everything boxing from her beginnings in baseball and softball through her decorated 14-year boxing career to her current personal training and speaking career. Bonnie is an inspirational individual and I feel honored to call her a friend.

You can follow her on Twitter here or check out her Facebook page here.

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