Sober Slogans with Jeff Vickers | The Way Out Podcast Episode 263

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In this installment of The Way Out, recovery co-host extraordinaire Jason’s got an incredible interview with a real dynamo of a guest with person in long term recovery, entrepreneur and author, Jeff Vickers. Jeff has an infectious personality, and his energy is so uplifting that you can’t help but feel how fired up he is about recovery! Jeff shares openly about his gritty past, what's worked miracles in his life, and all about his new book, Sober Slogans as well as his big plans for the future! This is a great interview that will leave you wanting to learn much more, so listen up.

Contact Jeff:

FB: @SoberSlogans

TikTok: sober_slogans

IG: sober_slogans

Sober Slogans:

Best piece of advice: Keep comin' back

Book Recommendation: The Bible

Song that symbolizes recovery: Legends are Made - Sam Tinnesz

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