S4 Ep6: Vaporous Prophecy & Gossamer Magic, Part 2

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So who did Circe turn into pigs? What specialty of magic could have done that? Did she really live alone on an island? Find out next on the Whispering Gallery!
In the northern hemisphere the days are growing shorter, and the air, crisp as the snap of a Halloween apple, makes our cheeks ruddy—join me to finish our two parter about two hauntingly special, and magical women. Well more than one if we’re talking about the Oracle of Delphi–and the myths and stories surrounding Circe have identified her as a witch, an enchantress and even as a goddess.
There is a mountain of artwork about Circe from on the sides of pots/vases to oil paintings and yes the pre raphaelites took a stab at painting her. Her story has called to artists throughout history to be illustrated and you’ll see some of these pieces on instagram and others on Facebook on the Whispering Gallery.
Look for artwork about Circe on the Whispering Gallery podcasts Facebook and Instagram pages!
Circe painted by Nicolas Régnier (1558/1591-1667), oil on canvas, height: 44 in; width: 53.1 in, private collection, Source/Photographer: Sotheby's Lot.37
Image Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/.../File:Circe_by_Nicolas_R...
Thanks to the Internet Archive for the 78 RPM Music, and to FreeSound.
- La fille aux cheveux de lin, Bruyères, Tristan Risselin by Claude Debussy Publication date 1948 Topics 78 rpm, classical, instrumental, piano)
- His Master's Voice Language French; English Claude Debussy (1862-1918) Preludes, Book I - VIII. (… La fille aux cheveux de lin) Preludes, Book II - V. (… Bruyères) Tristan Risselin (piano) Recorded: 16 January 1947, Abbey Road studios, London Issued: 1948 (for export to Belgium) Format: coarse-groove, 78 rpm, 10” / 25 cm, electrical Catalogue number: JO 56 Matrices: 0EA 11575-1 / 0EA 11576-2
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