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Have you ever caught a glimpse of a dark figure out of the corner of your eye, only to turn around and it has disappeared? Well, this could be a shadow person. In 2001, Art Bell from the Coast to Coast AM radio show, interviewed native elder Thunder Strikes, who purported that the beings had been recorded by indigenous Americans way back in 1153bc. He stated that they were interdimensional beings that fed from the emotional discharge of human energy and would attach themselves to those feeling anxious, worried or in chaotic situations to feed from them much like vampires.

Shadow people, at first, will appear fairly allusive quickly darting out of view when they sense they've been spotted, but once they have established a foothold into this plane, it has been reported they become bolder in their advances, and some will even attack those who are asleep; much like a sleep paralysis episode. Some report them to be benevolent watchers who assist us when needing guidance, others believe them to be malicious entities who will sometimes get physical by pulling hair. Some say they are tall and some small, some have claws or vicious, sharp teeth whilst others have seen them with glowing, red eyes. These darker than dark silhouettes will quickly dash behind doors, into closets and behind bushes to avoid being seen, leaving observers questioning themselves and their own eyes.

Whether evil or good, if you sense something watching from the corner of the room, don't just dismiss it as you may have a visitor from another realm.

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Thanks so much for listening and we'll catch up with you again next week for some more true, scary stories.

Sarah and Tobie xx

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