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The Legend of the Navajo Skinwalker

The legend of the Navajo Skinwalker is deeply rooted in native American folklore. In a juxtaposition to medicine men and women who use their powers for good, Skinwalkers are witches who have mastered the art of black magic. This practice initially begun during the colonization of the Americas. Becoming evident the intruders were attempting to conquer the lands, some medicine men and women turned to the dark arts in an effort to thwart their advances. Knowing there would be no turning back once the path of a Skinwalker had been chosen, they gave tribal members detailed instructions on how to kill them, once their mission had been completed. These extreme measures were taken to protect their way of life but the practice has continued into modern times as minds were corrupted by darkness, killing out of envy, anger or revenge. To be initiated into this dark practice, a witch must first sacrifice a member of their close family, ridding themselves of the last vestiges of humanity. They will then grind the bones of their prey to form corpse powder, used to poison their victims. Merging themselves with animal pelts they would eventually become one and the same.

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Introduction -

(20) Navajo Ranger Jonathan Dover (04-16-19) Skinwalkers, UFOs, Bigfoot & Paranormal Exploits - YouTube

I have a friend who left the Navajo reservation a few years ago. This is what he learned while living there (Part 1). : skinwalkers (

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Story 1 -

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Story 2 -

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