Best of The Wiser Financial Advisor: 3 Rules For Paying For College (#34)

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Here in the month of May 2021, or May of pretty much any year, there are graduation ceremonies taking place for those graduating from high school. Is the traditional next step of college the correct next step? If that's the plan, there are several major things to take into consideration. In this episode of The Wiser Financial Advisor, host Josh Nelson talks about 3 of those things. He actually calls them 'Rules" because they are so important to consider.
Rule#1: Parents put on your own oxygen mask first.
Rule #2: Don't go into debt, please.
Rule #3: Know the rules and use them to your advantage.
There are wise ways to approach paying for college, and with these three rules, and by being resourceful ( which Josh also covers in this episode) you could do quite well.
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