Baby Steps to Financial Freedom Pt. 1 (#22)

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In this episode host Josh Nelson is going to cover three "baby steps" to financial freedom. But these "baby steps" are incredibly powerful steps that will help anyone reduce debt and obtain an income that pays for the life that they want for the rest of their life.
Step #1: Start paying off debt. Even when people think they can't afford to do this step, Josh explains how it's possible.
Step 2: Recap of the Debt Snowball. This step is about achieving financial peace of mind by applying the Debt Snowball method. Josh explains how. (Debt Snowball episode link below)
Step 3: Build 3 to 12 months of savings for emergencies. Once completing steps one and two, Josh walks us though step #3 so that we're prepared for most any financial emergency that might come up.
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