The Witchcast - Episode 52 - Midnight Margaritas and the Power of Sisterhood - the secrets of Practical Magic

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A delicious, warm-hearted episode revealing the surprising behind-the-scenes secrets of witchy classic Practical Magic - including the real-life curse unleashed on the movie by a magickal consultant! Lucy explores the magick of sisterhood, home and hearth, and discovers just why this movie just seems to keep resonating with Witches. (Especially anyone who longs for close female friendships, or has needed help with escaping an abusive relationship.) Lucy then shuffles her Alice: The Wonderland Oracle and answers very tricky questions on whether a listener should leave a toxic, sexist workplace, asks the cards why someone would refuse to date Cancerians (how very rude!) and asks Alice about choosing the right path for a listener torn between Druidry and Egyptian magicks. This episode is peppered with enchanted songs by Ashley Serena, Harry Nilsson and Jefferson Airplane, is sponsored by the majestic Blue Angel, powerful Primal Healing and sublime all-natural Kohli Tea (sipped every episode by Lucy!). the Witchcast is brought to you by Shayne’s production wizardry and an iconic host of Patreon Angels.
Blessed be, Witchcasters! Come visit Lucy on instagram and facebook and share your thoughts, feelings, ideas on the Witchcast!
Witch’s Daughter Ashley Serena
Coconut Harry Nilsson
White Rabbit Jefferson Airplane

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