The Witchcast - Episode 53 - Oh, the Injustice! The flaming of a Witchcraft Elder, and how to power up your Second Sight.

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Happy resurrection egg time, witches! Grab yourself some chocolate bunnies or bilbies and join the sacred sonic circle as Lucy dissects the online war that broke out around Starhawk, a legend of Witchcraft who deserved way way better. This is important stuff, as its about how we treat our Witchcraft elders - and it needs to get much, much better. Learn about the new sacred sites discovered after the summer of fire (and why we will never go there) and discover the Irish Farmer who works with the faeries to heal the land. In the Cauldron there are some very juicy questions answered, including the meaning of dreams when your hands are covered in indigo, and Lucy shares really simple and super powerful ways to improve your second sight - worthwhile for anyone who wants to see auric fields or their own personal visions with a LOT more clarity.

Song are the joyous classic Spirit in the Sky by Norman Greenbaum, Oh Golden Grain by Wendy Rule, and Damh the Bard’s Pagan Ways.
Production by The Wizard, aka Shayne Brian.

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