The Witchcast - Episode 56 - Birthing with the Goddess; the Healing Power of Dreams and what’s going wrong with Byron Bay?

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Such a juicy cauldron being stirred this week, Witches! Join Lucy as she answers listeners’ questions about “gifts” from pets, non-binary Tarot decks and which Goddess to evoke as you prepare to birth a wee baby! There’s lots of witchy news, from the current tumult in the spiritual mecca of Byron Bay, the protection finally here for Two-Spirit people, and the amazing opening of a new Egyptian Museum that featured The Goddess Isis escorting mummies to their new location… an amazing, magickal ceremony fusing antiquity and technology. Oh - Lucy explores (after her Mumma had an amazing dream about Lucy’s dad) the healing powers of dreams - and how our well-being literally depends on these night visions and wanderings. And you’ll drink up delicious pagan songs by the glorious SJ Tucker, the primal beauty of PJ Harvey and a dreamy classic by Gary Wright.
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