The Witchcast - Episode 57 - The Witches Feast - Samhain special - a delicious guide to a sacred table with The Sensual Chef, Polixeni

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Witches - what do we love? FOOD? When do we love it? SAMHAIN! (Well, all the time, but maybe especially now!) Yes, this episode is all about what we can feast, savour, prepare and devour at this sacred point on the Wheel of the Year. (And we dive deep into the Dumb Supper, a little light bondage, the tastes of the departed and MORE!) But first - Lucy welcomes you into the Samhain circle, and shares some of the history, lore and rites of this enchanted time between the worlds.

Polixeni shares imaginative, powerful ways to make your Samhain taste amazing (and be very very sensual) as she shares her personal favourites on spicing up this beautiful season - we get waaay beyond pumpkins! So fire up the cauldron, ransack the magickal pantry, harvest those gourds and prepare to have your most tasty Samhain ever. Blessings of this Witches New Year to you all, and THANKYOU to the Patreon Angels, to the sponsors - Kohli Tea, Blue Angel Publishing and Primal Healing - and to YOU for allowing your witch within to rise up! Ratings and reviews shamelessly desired, and thankyou to everyone whose left one already! LOVE YOU!
Big shout out to Shayne for Sound Wizardry, and enjoy the haunting magicks of songs from Lisa Thiel and Fever Ray!

The intro music is "We Are One" by the band Nordic Daughter. Find the band on Facebook -

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Music throughout the show includes tracks from Darksphere EmpireDownload the Darksphere Empire album here -

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