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Hey, ya’ll, I am Shay, and this is thebuzzr after hours show. Episode 28. Independent music. Worldwide coverage.

Welcome to buzzPLAY.

We bring you emerging artists & their music from their local music scenes to your living room, man-cave, she-shed, or bachelor pad. You can tune in during commute from work or a couch chill out at end of the day.

So pour yourself a glass of wine, open a beer, top up your tea or light a smoke! We will hear releases from Canada, Scotland, the United States, Ukraine, Germany, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.

Enjoy the show!

To kick off the show, the August 20th release by Los Angeles artist Baywud. This artist never ceases to amaze me. Baywud’s vocals are both outstanding and unique. Love his sound.

“Silver & Gold” is Baywud’s third single this year. With a modern rock vibe, the track takes you back to the timeless pop hits of the 70s. An uplifting, feel good summer release.

“Silver & Gold” 1:39:36

The artist was inspired by witness to a girl being bullied on social media. The song is about embracing your individuality, accepting our unique differences and to ignore the haters. Los Angeles producer Rune Westberg produced and mixed the single.

The artist will debut an acoustic version Live at Hotel Cafe Writer’s Block in Los Angeles on September 28th. Baywud will be back at Hotel Cafe for a full show on the main stage on Saturday, November 13th. His new EP will be released that same day.

Second spin, August 13th drop “Free-Swimming” by Scotland artist Berta Kennedy. The lyrics narrate a strong-minded, powerful individual boasting self-confidence and dominance over someone/thing. I will share the unique nature of the track after we hear it. “Free Swimming” by Berta Kennedy.

“Free Swimming” 7:12:48

Fun fact – the song admires a ‘unique predator’, the jellyfish. This aquatic instrumental includes choppy electric guitar riffs and a 1950s doo-wop-meets-rock vocal. Free-Swimming is catchy and submerges its listeners into a different place.

And now, an incredible track from Toronto, Canada. ANIQA DEAR is an experimental pop project. “Right/Wrong” is a dynamic and unique pop track. It explores disconnection and distance. Often we find ourselves in that ill-defined and in-between space.

“Right/wrong” (Original Single) 10:45:60

The track will be part of the project’s expected 3rd album,

UK, Bristol band Polemics is next with their original single “Captain”. They take listeners on a stroll through a vision of a post-apocalyptic reality. The weight of human industry buries the historical footprint of the natural world.

“Captain” (Original Single) 14:40:80

From the song opening, you feel Zeppelin vibes. Guitar riffs and drums take us on an exploration of new world beliefs and feelings.

Now, a change of pace. We are going to slow it down. “Fallen” by UK, Stroud artist Steven Reid Williams. The track released July 30. “Fallen” is the first drop (and hint) of what we can expect from Steven’s upcoming blues-inspired project, Heart and Stones.

“Fallen” 19:21:12

Next, an electronic rock, experimental track by Ukraine-based Dantus called “7NOVA”. (pronounced “Lova”)

The challenges of love inspired the song. The song depicts a relationship between two lovers who have a tough time, as the love is not always mutual nor there.

Sit back and enjoy “7NOVA”.

“7NOVA” 23:51:84

Next up a Brighton, U.K. band The Dryas.

We continue with the relationship theme. The Dryas’ “Run” is an energetic track that reminds us of the uncomfortable feeling of chasing a relationship that is dead and gone. The song dropped on August 4th.

“Run” 27:01:92

A great music video came with the release. Check it out on YouTube.

Have you ever pleaded to a friend (or even to yourself) “I’m here with you, but get yourself together!”. Well, Shelter Boy’s “I Stand With You” is all about that. A very relatable track from this upcoming German talent. It released August 13th.

“I Stand With You” 31:28:80

The track is from the German musician’s debut album Failure Familiar releasing September 10th via Manchester-based label Scruff Of The Neck.

The Leipzig musician is establishing himself as one of Germany’s standout songwriters of his generation and, after already drawing comparisons to King Krule for his vocal delivery.

From Oregon, United States “Don’t You Dare” by Laundry. “Don’t You Dare” is about an imaginary cast of characters in a broken marriage. There is this struggle to keep a hold on the idea they have of their wife and family, while facing their actual struggles and dysfunctionality.

“Don’t You Dare” 34:48:48

Closing the show, a beautiful track by Hong Kong artist Mara Measor “Don’t Tell My Child”. It released as part of the album Don’t Tell My Child on July 20/2021.

Becoming a mother brought her back to making music, having been a singer/songwriter 5 years before she had her daughter. She realized music was what her soul needed to process what was happening.

“Don’t Tell My Child” 39:05:76

A definite listen to every person expecting and starting their journey into parenthood. A banger album! An incredible talent that I hope continues to surprise us with new releases.

Closing a quote by Harriet Tubman.

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

And that brings us to the end. When the show goes silent, take a minute to reflect.

Remember, without music, our canvas is blank.

Cheers, y’all.

Berta Kennedy
The Dryas
Shelter Boy
Mara Measor
Steven Reid Williams


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