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Hey, ya’ll, I am Shay, and this is thebuzzr after hours show. Episode 27. Independent music. Worldwide coverage.

Welcome to buzzPLAY.

We bring you emerging artists & their music from their local music scenes to your living room, man-cave, she-shed, or bachelor pad. You can tune in during commute from work or a couch chill out at end of the day.

So pour yourself a glass of wine, open a beer, top up your tea or light a smoke! We will hear releases from Canada, the United States, Serbia and the United Kingdom.

Enjoy the show!

To kick off the show, the August 7th release by Ottawa, Canada rock band The Powergoats. “Northern Air”. A new little heartbreak track from the band’s upcoming album The Powergoats In 3D.

“Northern Air” 1:28:80

‘Northern Air’ is the third song released by The Powergoats this year. It is part of their upcoming album The Powergoats in 3D. It features only three band members on the track; Jamie Douglas (lead vocals, 12 string guitar, harmonica), Andrew Burns (bass, mandolin, keys, vocals), and Dee Butters (vocals).

While the track won’t be available for standard digital distribution until the album’s release in October 16th, The Powergoats have leaked it onto their Bandcamp and SoundCloud pages for their keen fans.

Second spin, “Best Friend” by New York City artist Ronnie Lott. Overall, it’s a banger track that has “hit” written all over it. A bit of Thank Me Later Drake-vibe in its delivery, yet the track is all its own. The song is about his goal to show his partner good things in the world.

“Best Friend” 6:29:28

Texas-born Lott now lives in New York City. The artist dropped three bangers last year. This is his first single of 2021. His album should debut in the fall. Man, the vibe is intoxicating. An incredible hip-hop/R&B release.

Now, “Something About Love” by UK band Truman Falls.

This second single release from their future album, SILVERDALE. This is a wonderful continuation in sound scapes that the band began with their previous albums, LITTLE HAPPYHELLS and HEADSWIMS.

“Something About Love” 9:55:68

Truman Falls are busy with live dates, radio & recording at the DAM studios on The Isle Of Man.

Two complimentary tracks from instrumental artist The Meskimo are next. “The Vandal” is part one. In a cinematic thrust the antagonist comes upon some bad luck. Their pessimism is a heavy weight that is clouding their decision making. Add to that, their decision making is clouded over by the bad bad karma they’ve built for themselves.

The ominous lurch of the song carries throughout until the end.

“The Vandals” 13:47:04

Part two, “The Restoration” kicks off in a more positive tone.

With the antagonist gone, pessimism is lost. “The Restoration” is a reminder to focus on the positive side of life, to be upbeat and carry the good vibes with you.

“The Restoration” 17:11:52

While “The Vandal” plays in the chaotic, “The Restoration” reminds us that there is peace.

The Meskimo is from the United States, creating music infused with rock, blues and psychedelic indie pop vibes.

We follow The Meskimo with a track by alt-rock, new wave band Bones in Butter.

The track “They Live!” is a sarcastic nod to the movie “They Live” with the message to never stop fighting oppression.

Bones in Butter hail from Belgrade, Serbia.

“They Live!” 21:56:64

Closing the show, another spin of a track releasing August 20th, a summer anthem by London, U.K. alt-rock band The Great Leslie Band. Another banger. “Everything From Last Night”.

“Everything From Last Night” 23:26:88

What the band has produced is a seductive single that gets you dancing. It shows the musical versatility of the band and the different aspects of The Great Leslie’s sound. It’s fresh yet familiar, powerful and playful and a banger in every sense of the word!

Closing, a quote by Les Brown, author.

“In every day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a
positive impact.”

And that brings us to the end. When the show goes silent, take a minute to reflect.

Remember, without music, our canvas is blank.

Cheers, all!


The Eskimo
The Great Leslie Band
Bones in Butter
The Powergoats
Ronnie Lott
Truman Falls


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