Season One Hits – The Great Leslie Band

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Hey, y’all. I am Shay. This is thebuzzr podcast. Independent music releases, global coverage.

Welcome & enjoy.

thebuzzr podcasts will wind down Season One of both shows. The top shows of Season One will air starting on September 6th.

The show’s airing had the top fan engagement, subscribes & download counts.

Tonight, The Great Leslie Band out of London, United Kingdom.

The original broadcast aired on March 12th.

Since broadcast, the band has released another banger, “Everything From Last Night”. The video for the release aired on September 17th. Great video. Check it out on YouTube.


About the Show

The Great Leslie is with us today. Ollie Trevors and Jason Mark Boyd come onto the podcast to chat with me. We chat about that, how the band came together and their creative process. Their music is as unique as the band’s diverse influences. Great band you need to follow. Excellent music!

About the Band

London-based band The Great Leslie are assuredly carving a name for themselves in the alt-rock scene, using slick songwriting combined with intelligent production to create instant classics that stick with you.

Racking up a number of successes in their short tenure, their riff-driven release Money was crowned BBC Introducing’s Track of the Week, closely followed by their highly regarded, and anthemic tonic to self flagellation in November’s Out Of My Hands.

“A track so slick and sublime you are instantly reminded that Rock N Roll is here to stay…We are excited to see what comes next from these Londoners as this has really whet our appetite for more.”

You can find The Great Leslie’s music on all major streaming platforms. SOURCE

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