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Host Erin Gibb is a therapist, clinical supervisor, group practice owner, Therapist Fulfillment Coach, and early adopter of the weird and wonderful. Through interviews with relatable guests, controversial outside-the-box thinkers, solo episodes, and coaching demos, you'll see how therapists are uniquely conditioned for fear, responsibility and unfulfillment. Therapist Expanded then points the way to reaching past industry constraints to the source of our creative power, because when we therapists dare to live our deepest dreams, we start a mental health revolution. Wondering how living your core desires freely and fully could start a mental health revolution? Well as Carl Jung said, we'll only take our clients as far as we've gone, and your host has seen the incredible growth of those surrounding a therapist when they courageously dream outside of their conditioning. So are you curious yet? Join us and let's expand together and watch our field grow!

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