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Red stains on the carpet, red stains on your knife, oh, Dr Buck Ruxton, you murdered your wife. The nursemaid saw you and threatened to tell, oh, Dr Buck Ruxton, you killed her as well…

— Lancashire nursery rhyme, parody of the song ‘Red Sails in the Sunset’, latter half of the 1930s


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September by Kai Engel

Glimpse of Eternity by Meydän

Cobweb Morning by Kai Engel

Great Expectations by Kai Engel

Lurking Shadows by Myuu

Maestro Tlakaelel by Jesse Gallagher

Gaia in Fog by Dan Bodan

No 8 Requiem by Esther Abrami

Blue Feather by Kevin MacLeod

Please wake up by Meydän

Chalet by Meydän

Doll Dancing by Puddle of Infinity

Sergey Cheremisinov by Sleepwalker V

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