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It is a scene reserved only for your worst nightmares. You live alone, but there is suddenly a stranger in your bedroom. He does not have to unfasten the zipper over his mouth on the black leather mask he is wearing to say why he is there. Prominent, against the dim light and the dark leather, there is one word scrawled crudely in white capital letters across the forehead of the mask… RAPIST.


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COURT DOCUMENTS and information from the following news organisations and magazines were referenced in this episode: Belfast Telegraph, Daily Mirror, Newcastle Evening Chronicle, Newcastle Journal, Sunday Mirror, Liverpool Echo, Daily Express, Belfast Telegraph, Birmingham Daily Post, Coventry Evening Telegraph, Evening Chronicle, News of the World, Sunday People, BBC News, Cambridge News and ‘Real-Life Crimes…and how they were solved' magazine.

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Tormented by Purple Planet Music*

Pendulous by Purple Planet Music*

Wrong Turn by Purple Planet Music*

Night Terrors by Purple Planet Music*

Orison by Dan Bodan

In My Nightmares by Purple Planet Music*

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