JUMP! - the transformational power of travel

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In today's story episode, I'm going to take you Peru where my friend Rob from OUT Adventures helped me to experience my own outer discovery adventure and inner journey for the soul.

Going into this trip, I had everything on the OUTSIDE that I thought should make me happy, but I wasn't. I was in desperate need of an inner transformation. I needed to find a space within myself where I felt safe enough and brave enough to jump.

It was this inner journey with OUT Adventures where I made one of my own life changing decisions to JUMP.

Transformational travel is an incredible set and setting to embrace and experience the fullest expression of your being. And we each have the opportunity to choose to BE that person right now. It's not the travel that creates the opportunity. It's YOU who gives yourself the full permission to be alive while travelling. You can give yourself that full permission with every breath you take.

For more information on OUT Adventures check out Rob at https://www.outadventures.com/ and @outadventures

For explore more about how Liz helps women find joy in their wellness journeys through travel you can meet Liz at @lizbeancrookston and discover The Archer Group at https://www.thearchergroupinc.ca

For pictures and more from today's episode please visit https://www.thislittlelightofmine.ca



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