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Hello and welcome to Episode 25 of This Little Light Of Mine. My name is James Powell and I’m glad that you’re able to join me for today’s interview episode, ‘Not defining’.

On today’s episode I’m joined with orientation advocate Mark Smith and his wife Victoria. Mark runs a support site for anyone struggling with their orientation. He has an expanded heart and focus on humans who may be questioning, undefined, changing, Bi+, or fluid.

Before we jump into our conversation with Mark and Vic let’s pause, for a few minutes to reflect on the topic of orientation. How exactly do you define a person’s orientation? How do you define your own orientation?

Is orientation static? Does it change over time? Is it fluid? Is your specific orientation defined and spelled out in the Bible? Does your orientation automatically indicate who you’re having sex with?

What about the term bisexuality? What comes up for you around this term? What thoughts, stories or preconceived notions do you have around someone who might identify as bisexual?

With some of your own perceptions top of mind, you're now ready for today's interview with Mark and Vic called ‘Not defining’.

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