Episode 86: The Captains Code For A Psychedelically Exciting Life ( feat. Taylor Morgan)

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In todays episode, I sit down with the captain himself, captain Taylor Morgan. Taylor & I were able to connect & do a deep dive into his psychedelic experiences while at our mutual friend Mark Englands lakehouse & when I say that not only this episode, but that entire experience with him was a wild ride, trust that I am coming correct with that statement. From breaking into peoples houses to creating a mission as big as the seven seas, Taylor has had an epic journey & in this episode, we explore the many chapters of his life & what his mission in life is today & my hope is that you all enjoy this episode as much as we did making it.
Show Notes:

(0:30) How Taylor first got into psychedelics.

(5:55) The meaning of intention.

(10:10) Rites of passage and their importance.

(15:35) Breakdowns lead to breakthroughs.

(30:18) The moment that started it all…

(45:16) Shitty people vs. people who do shitty things.

(1:01:15) Where you can reach Taylor

Connect with Taylor Morgan:
IG: Captain_Taylor_Morgan
IG: Thecaptainslifstyle
Website: https://www.thecaptainslifestyle.com/
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