528: Don't Bother With Stewardship. It Makes Your Life Worse. Especially If You're American.

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I've meant to record this episode for a while, as the idea of saying "fuck it," not trying, forgetting about the future and my effect on others, and enjoying what our society offers seems everyone else's choice.

So I'm going full snarky. A rare unedited episode, starting from these minimal notes:

Reasons not to care

  • Money
  • Clothes
  • Travel
  • Understanding
  • Disgust, can look away
  • Disposability
  • Kids: was going to say I couldn't look them in the eye
  • Sales and marketing
  • Get credit anyway
  • Showers
  • Cars
  • Eat anything
  • Community
  • Society is for you

Reasons to care

  • Help other people you don't know and aren't born
  • Animals

Why I can't not care

  • I lack the privilege of scientific ignorance

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