Michael Bennett evaluates surging Buckeyes, Bill Bender analyzes CFP race

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Lettermen Row's Tim May returns for another episode of the Tim May Podcast, and he is joined by Lettermen Row senior writer Austin Ward to analyze the Buckeyes win over Maryland and what it means going forward. Tim and Austin also take a look at the upcoming Ohio State bye week as the Buckeyes prepare for what should be a fun second half of the season.

Tim is also joined by former Ohio State defensive lineman Michael Bennett to break down the Buckeyes surge up front. The defensive ends have shown improvement in recent weeks, and the interior pass rush has been a force over the last three games.

Also, Tim brings in Sporting News college football writer Bill Bender for an in-depth look at how the Buckeyes have turned things around 180 degrees from the start of the season. The offense has been the most impressive in the sport in the last month since the close win over Akron. Bender takes a look at that unit, where Ohio State is trending and the team's place in the national landscape as part of the College Football Playoff race.

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