Holiday Home Makeover with Mr Christmas - Christmas Episode 3: Tis the Season

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Welcome to the 'Tis the Season Podcast!
This is a brand new podcast whereby co-hosts Bill and Daisy tackle those hard festive questions. Mainly, what are their favourite films and TV shows to watch during the Holiday season. There will be unusual diversions, semi-dramatic readings, and lots of fun chat about why these films and TV shows make them feel festive.
In episode 3, Bill and Daisy sit down to discuss the new Netflix show - Holiday Home Makeover with Mr Christmas. They discuss the finer details of Christmas decorating, the looming threat of overlarge pinecones, and what their true elf names would be without infringing on any copyright law. They also discover a potential challenger to Mr Christmas' throne! Will this TV show make Santa's nice or naughty list?
So grab your salt dough, hammers, and glitter and join us for the festive discussions.
Follow 'Tis the Season on TWITTER - @tistheseasonpod

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