The Snowman, Father Christmas, and The Snowman and the Snowdog - Christmas Episode 5: Tis the Season

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Welcome to the Tis the Season Podcast!
This is a brand new podcast whereby co-hosts Bill and Daisy tackle those hard festive questions. Mainly, what are their favourite films and TV shows to watch during the Holiday season. There will be unusual diversions, semi-dramatic readings, and lots of fun chat about why these films and TV shows make them feel festive.
What do badly made snowman, inappropriate Santas, and a truly disgruntled penguin all have in common? Why it's Episode 5 of Tis the Season!
In this BUMPER large episode for the holiday season, Bill and Daisy discuss three traditional Christmas short animated films - The Snowman, Father Christmas, and The Snowman and the Snowdog. They talk about all the lovely things within these films, but also get very quickly side-tracked talking about snowman's views on global warning and David Bowie.
So put on your mittens, wrap up nice and warm, and get ready to join the festive discussions.
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