Episode 79: The Jazz Session No.210

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The Jazz Session No.210, from RaidersBroadcast.com as aired in Jun 2021, featuring tunes on a theme of 1-2-3-4 and occasional other numbers, to celebrate the show being on air for four whole years! TRACK LISTING: Dance One - John Serry; Two Bass Hit - Miles Davis, w. John Coltrane; Three Bags Full - Herbie Hancock w. Freddie Hubbard; Four - Stan Getz; For One - Dinosaur; Two Storms - Polar Bear; Three Way Split - Hank Mobley; Four in One - Thelonius Monk; The Bryden Two - Step (For Amphibians), Pt.2 - Soft Machine; Three (Four) (Five) - 6pac; Number Six - Miroslav Vitous Group; The Angry One - Collocutor; Blood of Two Oceans - Subhasis Bhattacharya; Reactionary Tango (In Three Parts) - Carla Bley; Four Or Less - Mike Gibbs & Gary Burton; Take Five - Dave Brubeck Quartet; Bright One - Chico O'Farrill & His Orchestra; In Two Minds - Mike Walker; Self - Portrait in Three Colours - Charles Mingus; Four and One More - Gerry Mulligan; The Black Five - Roy Ayers Ubiquity; Four On Six - Wes Montgomery.

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