278. Joy Androws: How to Align and Thrive

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Today I’m talking to Joy Andrews with Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty and a BreakthroughLuxury member.
With a degree in engineering, a father who immigrated to Nigeria to become doctor and a mom from true South Mississippi, also the medical field, the real estate broker route wasn’t the likely path or the one her family first had in mind.
Her career path started 20 years ago with a large scale builder developer where lead a team and became well versed in the operations side of development, she then worked in with luxury developers where she developed her expertise the architecture and design of luxury homes which lead to her work with a small team in resales and custom home new construction in the most expensive neighborhoods of Buckhead in Atlanta. Today she is a successful real estate agent serving her friends and the network she has built over the last 20 years.
Joy has an in-depth knowledge of the market best exhibited in my opinion by one of her most recent sales. This was a referral that came across her desk after a few other brokers had written it off as unsellable. Being the expert she is in real estate and development. She knew the market, researched the property and realized that this property wasn’t just unsellable, it would be worth at least two million dollars to a builder developer. She took the referral and sold the property for more than her two million dollar price.
Today, Joy Andrews shares her story as we talk about How to Align and Thrive.

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