TKA Specs - 100th Episode

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This is the 100th Episode of the Total Knee Tips & Pearls Podcast
Some techy stuff on TKA
Recommended Distal Femoral Resections
8mm - Stryker Triathlon
9mm - DePuy Attune
9.5mm - Smith & Nephew
10mm - Zimmer Persona, DJO, Microport
Anterior Flange Angle to Prevent Notching
3 degrees - S&N, Zimmer
5 degrees - DJO, DePuy
6 degrees - Microport
7 degrees - Stryker
Recommended Tibial Slope
0 degrees - Stryker PS, Aesculap
3 degrees - Stryker CR, Aesculap, Persona PS, Attune PS, Microport, S&N
5 degrees - Attune CR
7 degrees - Attune CR, Persona CR
1 mm Poly Options
Stryker, Zimmer, Depuy, S&N
Metal Sensitive Option
S&N Oxinium
Zimmer Ti-Nidium
Microport NitrX
DJO ArmourCoat
Aesculap Advanced Surface Technology
TJO Aurum
Narrow Options
Zimmer, DePuy, S&N, Aesculap
Smallest - Zimmer 1 Narrow (55.5 mm M/L, 48.1 mm AP)
Biggest - Aesculap F8 (82 MM M/L, 80.5 mm AP)
Lots of stuff! Check with your reps and always refer to the technique manual, this is just a brief review but does not take the place of training and education.

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