Sept 18, 2022. Gospel Luke 7:11-16. Fifteenth Sunday After Pentecost.

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[11]And it came to pass afterwards, that he went into a city that is called Naim; and there went with him his disciples, and a great multitude.
Et factum est : deinceps ibat in civitatem quae vocatur Naim : et ibant cum eo discipuli ejus et turba copiosa.

[12] And when he came nigh to the gate of the city, behold a dead man was carried out, the only son of his mother; and she was a widow: and a great multitude of the city was with her.
Cum autem appropinquaret portae civitatis, ecce defunctus efferebatur filius unicus matris suae : et haec vidua erat : et turba civitatis multa cum illa.

[13] Whom when the Lord had seen, being moved with mercy towards her, he said to her: Weep not.
Quam cum vidisset Dominus, misericordia motus super eam, dixit illi : Noli flere.

[14] And he came near and touched the bier. And they that carried it, stood still. And he said: Young man, I say to thee, arise.
Et accessit, et tetigit loculum. ( Hi autem qui portabant, steterunt.) Et ait : Adolescens, tibi dico, surge.

[15] And he that was dead, sat up, and began to speak. And he gave him to his mother.
Et resedit qui erat mortuus, et coepit loqui. Et dedit illum matri suae.

[16] And there came a fear on them all: and they glorified God, saying: A great prophet is risen up among us: and, God hath visited his people.
Accepit autem omnes timor : et magnificabant Deum, dicentes : Quia propheta magnus surrexit in nobis : et quia Deus visitavit plebem suam.

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