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In this amazing episode of Train Wreck Theater we watch the Made for SyFy Network TV movie Ghost Shark (2013)! This one-off film somehow jumped itself as it tried to cash in on the surprising and completely baffling popularity of the Sharknado franchises by making a completely different movie set somewhere in Louisiana.
What is the plot of this crazy monster movie? Well when a couple of locals lose a fishing contest because a Great White shark eats the fish they just caught, they murder it with guns and grenades and hot sauce! It floats to a cave filled with very important plot magic and returns as a ghost version of itself killing the towns people indiscriminately for a few days while the hero's figure out what the hell they need to do to stop it!
Train Wreck Theater is a comedy podcast with a group of passionate movie buffs who love all things ridiculous making a lot of jokes about cheesy movies! You can find more about us and our pod on our website trainwrecktheater.com or check us out on Twitter @twrecktheater

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