Traps Trainers Fall Into

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Episode Notes

Season #5, Episode #2

Traps Trainers Fall Into

As trainers we can fall into several traps, have you?

Trap #1

Wanting to deliver a program and spending weeks developing without going to the market and seeing the need. We can have many great programs that clients don’t want to buy, or students don’t want to attend. Knowing your target audience makes it easy to go to market and get some feedback on the need so you can develop what is needed and contextualise for greater impact.

Trap #2

Becoming complacent with our delivery as we know the content so well that we forget that the student doesn’t know what they don’t know, and we can rush over content. Having someone sit in on a session with their student hat on so we can receive constructive feedback about our delivery, content, timing and if we are hitting the mark. The feedback loop is always beneficial.

And more so tune in for this short podcast.

Growth doesn’t happen naturally, it happens intentionally and is accessible to everyone!

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Livewired – David Eagleman

Co-Active Coaching 3rd Edition – Henry Kimsey-House & Karen Kimsey-House

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