Trance Empyrean 040 by Auralight [feat. MICKEY MARR]

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We've returned. Trance Empyrean 040 is going to be a thumper. In this episode we have tunes from the likes of Renegade System, Mark Ross, Darren Hall, Haliene, BT, Hemstock & Jennings, and a banging 30 minute guest mix from the head of Nextgen Artist Agency and Radiation Recordings, Mickey Marr. 'Share' / 'Repost' and 'Like' now, then download or stream! WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: BROADCAST TIMES: [2 HOUR SHOWS] 1 Nov // TRANCE ENERGY BELFAST // 19H00-21H00 (UTC) 2 Nov // DIGITALLY IMPORTED TRANCE // 23H00-01H00 (UTC+2) 10 Nov // DANCE ATTACK FM // 18H00-20H00 (UTC) ? // ICE RADIO DUBLIN // 21H00-23H00 (UTC) BROADCAST TIMES: [XL SHOWS] 5 Nov // MUTHA FM // 21H00-23H00 (UTC+2) 5 Nov // VIBEZ.LIVE // 21H00-00H00 (UTC+2) UPLIFTING & VOCAL: 1. The Conductor & The Cowboy Feat. Aero - Endless Summer Days (Mercurial Virus Remix) [PREMIER LEAGUE RECORDINGS] 2. Eric Senn - Don't Look Back [MAGIC ISLAND ELEVATE] 3. Tides Of Melody & DREAMCVLTVRE feat. Natalie Grace - Heavenly Motion [REDUX RECORDINGS] 4. Soul Lifters - Before We Go [MAGIC ISLAND ELEVATE] 5. Maratone, Kenn Jagd & Josie Sandfeld - Purple Sky (Steve Dekay Remix) [MELODIC MATTERS] 6. BT - Wildfire (Sean Tyas Remix) [BLACK HOLE RECORDINGS] 7. Hemstock & Jennings - Hear My Name (Sabastien Remix) [SUANDA MUSIC] 8. Airdream - Reality [SUB.MISSION RECORDINGS] 9. HALIENE - Glass Heart (Craig Connelly Remix) [BLACK HOLE RECORDINGS] 10. Jake & Almo - Beyond The Red Sky (Miroslav Vrlik & Dave Steward Remix) [REDUX RECORDINGS] MICKEY MARR GUEST MIX: 11. Nikolauss & Starpicker – Mjolnir 12. Yoshi & Razner – Magical Dreams 13. Haikal Ahmad – Aurora 14. ID – ID 15. Mercurial Virus – At A Glance 16. Will Rees & Rhys Elliott – Breaking Into Pieces HARDER, PURER, FASTER: 17. Darren Hall - Teddy Bear Pie [HQ RECORDINGS] 18. Renegade System - Never Change 19. Cederquist - The Beast (Chris Deme Hard Trance Remix) [NRGIZED AUDIO] 20. DERB - Derbus (Jody 6 Remix) [NOCTURNAL KNIGHTS REWORKED] 21. Vision X - New Skool [HTE RECORDINGS] 22. DFAULT - Told You So! [HQ RECORDINGS] 23. Scorch Felix - Gratis [FREQUENT RECORDS] 24. Lee Greenaway & Jake Ayres - Psychedelic Drugs (I.D. Remix) 25. Mark Ross - Open Your Mind [HYPER REALITY RECORDS] 26. Jeckyll & Hyde - Frozen Flame (Robert Curtis Remix) -------- BEATPORT PURCHASE OF INDIVIDUAL TRACKS------------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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