PlayStation's Marvel-ous Showcase | Triangle Squared Ep. 228

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After an absence from E3, Gamescom and plenty other larger industry events this year, we finally got a large scope showcase from Sony showing the future of the PlayStation 5's library of games. From 3rd party exclusive partnerships with the likes of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake all the way to a look at their internal studios giving us something to "Marvel" at! We share our thoughts on the showcase, get the community's feedback on the issue of upgrade path's for cross-gen games, discuss Elden Ring's seemingly larger open-world & how "Watchtowers" will aid in exploration, think back on Jim Ryan's remarks that Sony is working on their competitor to Game Pass and what that might really look like should it ever come around, and explore the concerns of IP crossing over into different mediums than its origination! Join us on Triangle Squared: A PlayStation Podcast! New episodes posts every Monday at 12PM CST/10AM PST This show is made possible thanks to the support of our Patrons. Consider becoming one today: Discord Server: Twitch: Email or tweet us your thoughts or suggestions! Twitter: Email: PSN ID's: Add us! Brett - Chaimera086 Sol - MeteoricDemise #PlayStation #PlayStationPodcast #TriangleSquared

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