TLoU Factions Successful Against Modern Competition? | Triangle Squared Ep. 229

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Naughty Dog teased that they were working on a stand-alone multiplayer game based on The Last of Us back when The Last of Us 2 was nearing release, but we've yet to see anything about it since despite a prime opportunity passing with the PlayStation September 2021 Showcase. Has the game been swept under the rug or put on pause to focus elsewhere, faced development issues, or is it building to try and be Sony's biggest competition in the multiplayer space they've stated interest in getting into? Can their biggest IP go toe to toe against the sea of Games as a Service titles like Apex and Call of Duty: Warzone, or would it be more of a 6 month to a year flash in the pan? We discuss out thoughts on this, THQ Nordic's 10th Anniversary stream that brought announcements like Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed, the interesting case of the GeForce Now leak, and more! Join us on Triangle Squared: A PlayStation Podcast!

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