TD161: A New Era For The Trucker Dump Podcast... Hopefully

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We kick off a new era of the Trucker Dump Podcast today where I attempt to take the podcast to a weekly schedule. Hey! Quit laughing!

In this week's news we've got three recalls, both happy and unhappy Freedom Convoyers, the dates for this year's Brake Safety Week, a new FMCSA director on the way, the challenges of enforcing speed limiters, the Top 100 carrier list, carrier acquisitions, a revoked ELD, the logistics of war, and your chance to help the FMCSA define brokers.

Trucker Grub takes us to some good home cooking on I-35 in Missouri, and of course, listener feedback from you!

This episode of Trucker Dump is sponsored by:

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News links:

Recalls announced for Kenworth, Peterbilt, International and Western Star trucks from

ABS-, axle-weight-related recalls hit 200 Freightliner, Western Star trucks from

Navistar recalls certain LT tractors due to improper battery cable wiring from

Here’s what you can expect during Brake Safety Week 2022 from

Hutcheson clears another hurdle on path to FMCSA Administrator from

OOIDA response to FMCSA Administrator nomination hearing from

Ontario Faces Challenges Enforcing Speed Limiter Law from (Transport Topics)

Alert: If you use this ELD, the FMCSA says that you’re no longer compliant from

USA Truck acquired by DB Schenker from

'People's Convoy' meets Republican Sens., Reps.; Owner-ops, small fleets recognized by broker from

'People's Convoy' members sue D.C. for alleged free speech violations from

5 facts about the logistics of war from

2022 Top 100 For-Hire Carriers List Illustrates Growth of Large Fleets from (Transport Topics)

FMCSA requests public input on defining ‘broker,’ ‘bona fide agents’ from

Trucker Grub links:

Bruce Phelps tells us about Toot-Toot Family Restaurant & Lounge in Bethany, MO

Listener Feedback links:

Donna listened to TD95: 4 Reasons That Trucker Might Be Tailgating You and shares her tip to get tailgaters off her a$$.

Dakota Stott joined the Slack group and you should too! Just email me at

Nicholas is getting his truck driving career started and just wanted to thank me for the encouragement. Cool!

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