The AirBNB/Turo of Trucking - Meet w/ John Matheus & Romas Hicks

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Did you know there's an AirBNB or Turo for commercial vehicles and equipment? We didn't! Until we had this conversation with John Matheus and Romas Hicks of

Coop is a Ryder company and is providing an innovative way for trucking companies or any commercial equipment owner to leverage their assets when and if they are sitting idle.

In this conversation you'll learn how Coop came to be, the advantages Coop has because they are a Ryder company, stories about investors using the platform to have a rental business on the side, how trucking companies can keep a truck making money while recruiting a driver, the particulars with insurance and maintenance and much more!

Check out and be sure to connect with John and Romas on LinkedIn.

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