052 Pt 1 - Healthy Eating Should Not Be More Expensive: Find the Money Bleed

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Over the years, I have often heard people say they cannot afford to “eat healthy.” This is a topic I want to tackle today so I can show you that truly healthy eating should be very affordable! I want to discuss the misconceptions surrounding this idea that healthy eating is too pricy, and throughout this series give you some tips to give your wallet and body some TLC.

This is the first in a 4-part series on affordable nutritious eating and busting the myth that says to eat healthfully you must break the bank. You will notice the episodes are shorter than normal, and I would love to know if you like this format. Do you prefer one longer episode that covers it all or do you like having shorter sections to listen to one at a time? Let me know this or any questions and comments you may have at https://www.cherylszarko.com/podcast/

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