Great News From Alexis Hunter About Her Book Joi Lansing: A Body To Die For..Coming Soon To A TV Near You? Lots of fun talk

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I talk to my bud Alex Hunter on new developments in her life. Her book on Joi is being re released with a new Afterward and Forward. Lots of new pics. WE talk Pride, gays in Hollywood and an encounter with Dan Dailey at a gay bar she was working at. Also exciting news about the possibility of her book becoming a limited series. I"ll be watching..She will have a new website soon so I'll post it when its up.

She still sells fab jewelry on Etsy and you can write her a note saying you listened to the show and she will give you 15% discount.

I have tons of her stuff and wear them all the time. I get no money from the sales. It's just because she's a doll and has beautiful things.

Thank you so much to Alex. I love you kiddo

Mostly thanks so much to my listeners,

I love you all,



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