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Today I’m going to tell you the story of one Irish Catholic Industrial School survivor, Mary Smith. As a child growing up in Catholic institutions, she was known simply as Number 1346. She grew up not knowing her age or her true identity. But, later, she would find out that she had been ripped from the arms of a mother she would never know, and – she would discover that she also had a brother who was a victim of the same evil system.

Like a lot of Irish people, Mary, as an adult, has used music to tell her story and heal from the pain she endured by the hands of the Catholic Church.

In her song, I Am My Mother’s Child, Mary tells her story, and I’m going to start off the episode today, with her permission, by sharing her song with you, and then – she’s going to tell you her story, in her own words. I normally edit my episodes, but this one is full of so much information, I just decided to leave it just as it is, for you to listen to, and it going to come to you as a three part episode.

Here’s part one of Mary’s story.

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Mary’s Song:

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Barnbrack - A Mother's Love's A Blessing:

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