Expanding Access to Estate Planning

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Surveys reveal an equity gap in estate planning. Although everyone should have an estate plan, Americans in communities of color are less likely to have plans in place. Without powers of attorney and health care directives, families may find it hard to manage the affairs of their incapacitated elders. And when elders die without a trust or will, it may be difficult to keep the home and other assets in the family.
Verleana Green-Telusca, a lawyer in Oakland, describes how she became an estate planner and the innovative community outreach program that she developed. In 2014, Verleana founded The Estate and Retirement Planning Specialists, which offers free educational programs regarding estate and retirement planning. She uses actors to dramatize the importance of estate planning by playing out a family drama. Drawing on her experience, she shares thoughts on expanding access to estate planning.
About Our Guest:
Verleana Green-Telusca founded and operates an estate planning law firm. She received her bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley and her law degree from the University of San Francisco School of Law. She discovered a passion for estate planning and went on to receive an LLM in Taxation from Golden Gate University Law School. She has taught Elder Law at USF School of Law. She recently received a Jefferson Award for her community service.
About Our Host:
Jeffrey Galvin is a lawyer at Downey Brand LLP based in Sacramento. He litigates trust and estate disputes around Northern California. Jeff created and edits the blog Trust on Trial, which covers California trust and estate litigation. He is a member the Executive Committee of the Trusts and Estates Section of the California Lawyers Association.
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