TAS "As Promised: The South Rises Again: 47 States and the Congress"

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The ALFO Show "NOT JUST GA The South Rises Again: 47 States and the Congress" GA and the 47 states legislating Jim Crow into law. The Confederacy promised, and they are delivering. We provide the space and place for Black working-class political discourse. As ALFO always laments, "Where you gonna' go?" Black, broke, and working people political talk. No big fancy words, just common sense, and common crisis. We turn out our empty pockets. Live & Call-In ::: (516) 666-9516 ::: "Nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream". Black, Broke, and working political talk radio. Live & Call-In ::: (516) 666-9516 TruthWorks Network The Black Voice Collaboration Follow ALFO Twitter: @alfo8 ::: FB

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