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Episode 432:
One of us, one of us! This Fool's Chris Estrada is here and he came to play! This week on the show Damian is joined by the star and creator of one of his favourite TV shows to talk all things punk. It turns out that Chris is a big fan of TOAP and has come prepared to go. From being neighbours with Despise You, to gangbangers calling you "Marilyn Manson", to choosing a side in the Bikini Kill/NoFX beef, to hanging with Ian at the Dischord house, to the punk divide in comedy: this is NOT TO BE MISSED!
Also, don't miss the hilarious first season of "This Fool" on Hulu (Disney+ in Canada)! Season 2 coming next year!
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Also touched on:
Crass best before 1984
Punk loving rockers
Punk-O-Rama Vol. 2
The sin of listening to Shaved Women
No punks in high school
Dressing like you were into Snapcase
“What’s up Marilyn Manson?”
Nirvana’s importance in putting bands into the zeitgeist
Sonic Youth
East LA backyard party shows
Union 13
Generacion Suicida
what happened to emo?
The Clash
Despise You
NoFX vs Bikini Kill
Love And Rockets NOT THE BAND
and so much more!!!!

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