Episode 7: Who Will Stand Guard?

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The Freemasons start to panic. Mac takes Arlo under his wing.

Written and Created by Jeremy Ellett.

Sound Design by Newton Schottelkotte.

Content Warning: Discussion of Terminal Illness.


Jack Carmichael as The Narrator

David Ault as Mac

Dean J. Smith as Arlo Walker

Sena Bryer as Larry

Dallas Wheatley as Illuminathan

Ryan Philbrook as First Doctor

Cole Burkhardt as Second Doctor

Kristian Lawrence as Freemason Neil

Brandon Finch as Freemason Terry

Cornelius Mohr as Freemason Saul

Mike Paul as the Worshipful Master Mason

Socks Whitmore as Superfan

Actor Direction by Danyelle Ellett.

Post Production and Scoring by Jeremy Ellett.

This episode included the songs Social Kapital, Ode to a Dandelion and Tick-Tock by Glad Rags. Revenge! by Spoon. Xanadon’t by Mystery Mammal. Plasticity from the Blue Dot Sessons. Time Train from PC, The Mode of Our Consequences from Pangolus.

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Episode Transcript

Post Show Promo Trailer: True Tales of the Illuminati

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