Episode 4: Thanksgiving Music

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The end of the St. Louis Flat Earth Society. And the beginning of something else...

Writing and Sound Design by Jeremy Ellett.


Zane Schacht as Randy Dunning

Lauren Grace Thompson as Gayle Kruger

Matthew Woodcock as Walter Clay

Jack Carmichael as The Narrator

Charlie Wes as Ed Choom

Sena Bryer as Larry the Gas Station Clerk

Addison Peacock as Karen

Josh Rubino as Alfred Ross, Maximum Mindfulness Narrator

Amr Ammourazz as Drive Thru Worker

Socks Whitmore as Subway Sandwich Artist

Ryan Philbrook as Smashed Potatoes Ad

David Sillars as Doctor K

CW: Death, Funeral

Actor Direction by Danyelle Ellett


Our opening theme song is “Social Kapital” by Glad Rags. The closing theme is “Tick Tock” by Glad Rags. This episode also included “Alamo” by Glad Rags. “The Group” by Kescho. “Ladybird” by Louie Zong.

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