Episode 3: And Everyone Clapped

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Just another day in the life of Freemason Walter Clay. Writing and Sound Design by Jeremy Ellett


Matthew Woodcock as Walt

Jack Carmichael as the Narrator

Mike Paul as The Worshipful Master Mason

Gabrielle Adkins as Amari

Jordan Stillman as Judy

Ariel Hack as The MLMer Bossbabe

Cornelius Mohr as Freemason Saul

Kristian Lawrence as Freemason Neil

Brandon Finch as Freemason Terry

Charlie Wes as Ed

Abby Espiritu as Derby Clay

Phil Sherwood as Jay

Stephen Indrisano as Steve

Torian Brackett as Pete (Podcast Host)

Ezra J. Wayne as Peter (Podcast Host)

Claire Gaskell as Evie

Josh Rubino as the Freemason Ensemble

Socks Whitmore as the Bookstore Superfan

Actor Direction by Danyelle Ellett.

Audio Clean Up Assistance on this Episode by Newt Schottelkotte.


Our opening theme song is “Social Kapital” by Glad Rags.The closing theme is “Tick Tock” by Glad Rags. This episode included “Wonder Under” by Glad Rags and “Goodnight, Cowgirl” and “When a Stranger Comes to Town” by Louie Zong. Good Pointe is independent, underfunded and fueled by caffeine. If you enjoyed the show you can easily help us out in a big way by leaving us a one-time tip in our tip jar on our Ko-Fi page.

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