Two Guys on the Phone

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Ever wonder what Mac and Kevin talk about on the phone? Well, wonder no longer! In this upcoming new podcast, Mac and Kevin pick a topic each and discuss it over the phone with each other. Are they experts? Most certainly not. Are they comedians? Not unless you like dad jokes, bad jokes, or inside jokes. Do they have any podcast experience? Uhhh, ask again a year from now. They may say “um” and “like” a lot, but probably not as frequently as they interrupt each other by accident or both sit silently waiting for the other one to talk. So hopefully you already liked them as people, otherwise this may not be the podcast for you. While the format of this podcast will be ever-evolving, the general premise is this: Mac and Kevin pick a topic, do some research, and share their findings and thoughts over the phone. And that’s it! First episode is set to “air” on Wednesday (air is in quotes as the logistics of setting up an actual podcast is still in the works), but you can check out the teaser and brainstorming calls in advance. Feedback and suggestions are welcome, donations are encouraged, and enthusiasm is required!

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