Season 2: Episode 39 NCAA vs. Alston, the fallout from the Supreme Court's decision and how it will impact college athletes. Also, Mahanoy School District vs. B.L. and free speech off campus.

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In this episode, we talk about two recent, and very important, US Supreme Court Decisions. The first case, NCAA v. Alston, deals with NCAA student athletes receiving the same benefits that would extend to non-student athletes on campus and how the Supreme Court laid the groundwork for Student Athletes to make money off their respective NIL. In the second case, Mahanoy School District vs. B.L., where a student cheerleader made some disparaging remarks about her high school cheerleading team off campus, and on social media, and was subsequently kicked off the team. We discuss, how schools should handle off-campus remarks and if teams should change the team rules that discourage off-campus remarks. Enjoy!

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